MomentStrong Privacy Policy

Strength When You Need It


MomentStrong is a mobile health and wellness application delivering “Strength When You Need It.”  With MomentStrong, the user specifies times or locations where they know they will need help with health or wellness lifestyle challenges.  MomentStrong sends a motivational message when the user reaches that location or at the specified time.  MomentStrong does not provide medical advice, and is not a health care provider or health plan. 


Your use of the MomentStrong application and our website (collectively, the “Service”) is governed by this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of Use.  Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before accessing or using the Service.  Throughout this Privacy Policy, MomentStrong is referred to as "we" or "us."


Security.  We utilize industry standard administrative physical and technical controls designed to safeguard and secure the Service.  We also rely on the administrative physical and technical controls of certain third parties, such as data platform hosts, in the operation of the Service.  Your use of your mobile device is also subject to any agreements and privacy policies you have with your network service provider.


Information Collection and Use.  We do not sell or make available any individual user information to third parties, unless: (a) it is required in order to conform to legal requirements or to respond to a subpoena, search warrant or other legal process received by us; (b) we deem it necessary in order to enforce our Terms and Conditions of Use or to protect our rights; (c) it is necessary in order to protect the safety of clients, members of the public and/or users of the Service.


We do not ask for or collect any personally identifiable information on our users.  We authorize your use of the Service through a valid code.  We do not share individual use data.  We will collect user-anonymous, general aggregate data on how the Service is being utilized.  This data will be used by us and our client companies to iterate a more effective product and an increasingly better user-experience. In all such instances, we will refer only to general, aggregate data from these analyses and will never provide specific identifying information.   However, your information and preferences will be stored on your mobile device and you should bear this in mind when setting your security preferences on your mobile device.  We are not responsible for the security of your mobile device.   


User Content.  You are solely responsible for the upload or transmission of any communications or content that could be considered personal, personally identifiable, or confidential medical information and for all results of such upload or transmission of communications or content.  You are responsible for any comments that you post which may be offensive to others and any content containing any information which may be used to identify you to others.  


Links.  Our site may contain links to other websites, applications and services maintained by third parties that may not follow the same privacy policies we follow.  Although we do not use cookies, these sites may use cookies, collect data and use the data in ways we do not.  MomentStrong is not responsible for the privacy policies and/or practices on other sites.  When linking to another site you should read the privacy policy stated on that site. 


We may modify this Privacy Policy at any time.  Any modifications made to this Privacy Policy will be effective immediately upon posting.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at


Please Note: Any use of the Service constitutes your agreement to our Terms and Conditions of Use.